7 Ways to Kick it in Creative Concepts

Everyone has a creative side but creativity is best ignited with a creative team of chemistry. Here are seven ways to ramp up your creative strength when conceptualising your next campaign.

1 Fully understand the challenge

Some of the strongest campaign ideas come from stating a very clear ‘problem’ or challenge. My product is better than the competitor’s because … or my service will solve a specific problem for my target market by …

2 Get to know your target market

Over and above having a clear idea of your target market ensure you spend enough time figuring out what makes them tick. You may be targeting millennials with a fair amount of expendable income. Instead of simply trying to target millennials by creating an advertisement featuring someone who looks like a millennial, consider what big issues are important to them, what are they passionate about, when are they most relaxed, where do they spend their free time.

3 Link insights to your product or service

Once you feel you understand your target market, and have strong insights about them, link that insight back to your product. For example, if your insight about your target market is that they are very concerned about their health and the ingredients that go into their body, you could focus your campaign concept for your breakfast cereal around the purity of the ingredients that go into it.

4 Find ways to be more authentic

People don’t want to buy from a big, nameless corporation. They want a personal connection with a brand and the people behind the brand. How can you reach out in a more authentic way? Social media offers interesting opportunities for incorporating real people and real interactions into your campaigns.

5 Stay current in current events

Sometimes great campaign ideas are sparked by a current event or something in the media. For example, if national elections are coming up, you could consider leveraging the idea of an ‘election’ in your advertising.

6 Carry your creative across different media

A good campaign idea will work across a number of media channels and platforms. For example, if you conceptualise social media campaign ideas, make sure that the concept will also work as a digital media idea and in formats like billboards, print adverts and brochures.

7 Find a partner to help you create your campaign

If you need a creative campaign for your product or service, you ideally want a partner with the skills to conceptualise a strong idea that will win you more customers. When looking for a creative agency, consider the agency’s size, personality and track record.

 Now let’s get kicking and creative. The possibilities are infinite!

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