Free up creative expression

There’s #creative freedom in the last three trends that we explore in this week’s Creative Curves series grand finale. If you missed the first two blogs in our Ebony+Ivory Design Leadership Series, take a quick click check here:

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Fantastical imagination

The contemporary art technique known as surrealism embodies a bold and often beautiful mix of imagery. It brings to imaginative life fantasy with an edge of reality. This year has also seen a flair for surreal faces in many designers’ favourite flavour palettes.

This trend challenges us to throw off our shackles and find freedom of creative expression and inspiration. In the words of Rene Magritte who inspired this artistic design contributor from Ebony+Ivory, “ To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and always being on the lookout for what has never been.”

We love the abstract dimension of this creative trend as it unlocks our imagination beyond any limits that have tripped us up or kept us hiding inside boxes.

Designer: Mike O’Brien

Jump-out composites

Vibrant colour combinations meet lines and patterns of interest and all in all, filters come out to play in this trend of jump-out composite visuals. The textures are tangible as this design trend freshens up imagery for attention grabbing communication.

Design pieces that are inspired by this trend make the ‘toddler’ in our mindset want to pick up the paper and eat it! It looks that delicious.

We love the way this style of imagery engages with our visual mood of joy and possibility.

Designer: Christy Venter

Nature’s sense

Colours have a certain taste, even smell to them and certainly a definitive few moods aligned to each of their sensory palettes. As the world seeks to move back into balance, nature becomes our perfect visual and experiential reference.

Natural colour palettes are pure synergy in visual appeal, while as designers, we love them for the perfect way in which their range of pantones just work out, naturally.

We love the rooted-in-nature sense that this design move inspires, and how these creative pieces make us feel a sense of balance and elegance without losing any vibrancy vibes.

Designer: Christy Venter

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