Stand out #design skills of spliced visuals

There’s #creative fun and then there’s the thrill of the chase of #opencreativity briefs. We opened-uo our brief and challenged our #ImpactPossibilities designers to translate some of this hands-off year’s design trends.

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Cheeky characters

Twist your tongue in cheek and stretch your driest humour as this trend inspires odd matches between humanistic traits and unexpected critters.

Often hand drawn illustrations, these creative directions are reminiscent of a Roald Dahl storybook persona that flies in the face of conformity. Follow the lines of this trend for characters that take on rebellious lines.

We love the quirks that emerge in each cheeky character, and we are particularly overprotective of our wry-suited water brandishing Ebony+Ivory panda, who goes by the name of Da Vinci.

Designer: Ana

Pop art comics

Comics are often serious in subject matter but can be arrestingly eye stopping when you add a fusion of pop art to them.

While this trend is a throwback to a long gone era of the hippy, it adds a fresh stamp of creative energy as we post our way closer to 2022.

We love this trend as it is versatile and can be tried on for size to punch up the visual power of any product.

Designed by Christy

Finer art finishes

One feature of fine art is how the artist carries the viewer into layers of experiences using texture, and this year it was projected that we would see bold acrylics and paint techniques more in artwork.

There is an honesty and unapologetic beauty inherent in the design trend of fine art infusion.

We love how the hand drawn woman on this cuppa stirs in beautifully with the packaging as it tiles with texture, making us NOT want to cry over any of the spilt milk (or caffeine).

Designer: Christy

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