Facebook puts on new ad faces

Facebook recently introduced changes to its platform that are worth sitting up for if you interact anywhere in the world of advertising. These relate to new Paid Media categories of Local Services, Reviews, Shop, Jobs, and a further tab called Info & Ads.

Facebook links your product/s to your e-commerce store, which makes for a simple, quick purchase journey for a consumer.

Facebook provides various sectors under which you can post a specific job spec so that a respective employee can easily apply for the position.

Consumers can now see all of your sponsored posts and adverts in this section of the page.

As Facebook consistently adapts and upgrades its user experience, we will continue to see changes in the page layout, algorithms and more. 

The platform’s mission has always been to give people the power to build communities and to stay connected to friends and family. It is a powerful consumer communication interface but needs a smart and sensitive approach from a brand. Staying up to speed on its fast moving evolution can enable marketers to do right by people who interact in their world.

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