Relevance + agility


Kreepy Krauly, one of our longest standing and innovative clients, went viral with the latest in the online campaign series we have created for them. Building on the first viral video we created in 2013 with Kreepy Wrangler, we decided to dive deep and humanise the Krauly experience once again! We collaborated with Retroviral to conceptualise, produce and disseminate this hilarious campaign.

The project is proof that it takes an agile brand to get comedic branded content right and a skilled creative team to produce it at speed – and just right. The parody piece was based on the South African film My Octopus Teacher, a trending debut Netflix Original documentary that had people talking about an unlikely friendship between a South African and a wild octopus.

The concept was pitched to the Kreepy Krauly team on 18 September and go ahead was given the same day. The script was drafted in a matter of hours and the production team ramped up overnight to film the next day in a pool in Cape Town. Post-production was finalised in just hours whilst the media team activated media strategy moves on 19 September.

My Kreepy Teacher went live on 20 September and hit viral status within 96 hours.
It went global, reaching over the five million mark in views with the potential to reach more than 2 billion fans/followers. It piqued the interest of the radio talkability in South Africa and achieved over 65 Tier 1 media articles.

The advertisement was a retail win for Kreepy Krauly as it was shared on the Takealot website, linking the branded content to the range of Kreepy Krauly products available from 4Water Pool Solutions.

Most importantly, the new business leads for Kreepy Krauly were positively Impacted – up 20% year-on-year.