The importance of brand internalisations

At Ebony+Ivory we believe strongly in strategies that result in both performance and pleasure. The processes of staff internalisations are something we focus on with cautioned excitement. Like most companies the best way to reflect a brand image is through its brand ambassadors and the only way this can happen to create a ‘reason to believe’ to those exact people.

Your staff members are a true reflection of your brand therefore investing in them is of utmost importance. Through various years of experience we have come to realise how educated the consumers are becoming and how the value of a ‘happy’ staff member can add to a conversion point of brand loyalty. We at E+I focus on various brand strategies that bring brand values to life where employees are much more likely to believe the values through experience and internal initiatives that align staff to their companies values. Strengthening a collective culture through Brand internal activations will bring about shared brand understanding.

At the beginning of the year we decided to implement an experiential staff internalisation for our client that involved active participation from the team. One of the activations was to create something from just a ball of yarn – with passion and excitement from the team the results were ‘out of this world’ – some beautiful creations came to life.

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