Profmed TVC Story

Creating meaningful work is something we at Ebony+Ivory endeavour to do. We focus on telling compelling stories that matter and with our client Profmed, a Medical Aid for select graduate professionals; we are able to do just that.

With our latest TV advert that extends the brands aspirational and exclusive approach we decided to tell another success story around the true life story of Gunya Pamla, a Candidate Attorney at Friedman Scheckter. Coming from a very humble beginning as car guard doing the odd jobs as a gardener for over 10 years, his primary purpose was to nurture and achieve a burning aspiration for law. After more than a decade, he obtained his LLB from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in April of 2015, and now he has landed a job at one of the top civil law firms in the city of Port Elizabeth. Gunya enrolled at NMMU in 2000 with some financial backing from the St Peter’s Catholic Church, where he had been a car guard since 2006.While a LLB usually takes four years, Pamla often had to give up his studies – once for a period of two years due to a lack of funds and upon his return, he spent hours studying at the university library before travelling back home in Motherwell, where he lived with his mother. Gunya has a LLB Degree from NMMU and is the first in his family to obtain a university degree. This advert is a story of hope, commitment and achievement centred on the premise of hard work has its rewards, no matter what the circumstance… Profmed is proud to celebrate individuals who answer to a greater calling and we love making those stories come to life. Big thanks to our partners, Rooftop Production from PE for all their awesome hard work. Check our latest advert out

See it on Mnet on a Monday night at 19.30 sponsoring the Medical drama Heartbeat…

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