Make It, Pace It – It’s All New This Year

New years are a favourite in our team!
There are a number of very good reasons why, but in summary we believe that a new year allows us to step forward into a new beginning. Beginnings are generally filled with hope, vision, and the natural gees to give it all you have got.
What’s even better about these kinds of beginnings is that you have the experience of last year to build a solid starting block from which to spring off. At E+I we enjoy a good debate and after throwing analogies round, we agreed that 2016 is going to be like a good 800m race.
The 800m race is not for sissies.

The ‘go for glory’ athletes are not found in these types of races, and for one reason … it requires both physical and mental perseverance. There is no doubt in any of our minds that this year is going to test the best of us. We’ve got to pace ourselves, keep our wits about us, and keep pushing on, which will require a few key things:

Partnership: An athlete is nothing without the coach or team members. They need each other to grow, to develop the best strategies, to mitigate risk, and to outwit the competition. We need to surround ourselves with the best.

Focus:  Competitive athletes have a plan as to how they intend to win. With clear objectives in place the race is up for the taking. It’s worthwhile setting your objectives up front to refer back to them when the pace gets tough or in the case of a photo finish.

Stamina: The key to this race, and to this year, is tenacity. This is what you need for both the ability and agility to change pace when the road ahead feels a bit long. We need to keep driving forward, without fail.

Attitude: The desire to win can often conquer the greatest of competitors, and the biggest of challenges. When there is instability in the market, a positive attitude is often the only thing that separates first and second place.

2016 will be what we make of it.

One overseas MD signs off his emails, “Make a great day“, which sets the right tone for competing and winning. The word ‘make’ means that you are active in creating how your day will turn out. You are the boss of it, you can own that day, steer its course and its outcome.

So go ahead, make a great day and join us on our pursuit to make a great year.

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