Google Ads, combatting Covid-19 and an alternative to in-store sales

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Google Ads, combatting Covid-19 and an alternative to in-store sales

The shift from in-store to online business is a race to become an authority and market leader, especially in emerging e-markets. Not only can every business be a pacemaker in the race but multiple businesses can win simultaneously, if marketers make moves such as letting the likes of Google Ads work.


The world over today, millions of people – and potential customers – are spending an unprecedented amount of time at home, unable or unwilling to leave their homes except for activities deemed essential or urgent.

These customers have become more discerning as they pay closer attention to the messages that resonate with them. They care deeply whether or not what a business stands for is aligned to their value system, and if the service or product is really worth their money. They are also cognisant of taking the necessary security measures to ensure that online sales are secure.

Add to that the ongoing impact of Covid-19 market conditions, which has caused many businesses to need to “pivot” rapidly or find a new way to offer their product or service just to stay open. In some instances, due to historical low levels of foot traffic into shops or malls, companies had to change their whole approach to how they operate almost overnight.

Get fully charged up … digitise into thrive mode

Many of the businesses affected most by Covid-19 lockdowns are those that traditionally survived due to their in-store customers. While no sector has been left untouched those such as hospitality, real estate and retail have been hard hit to find remote ways to reach out to and serve customers – to their front doors.

This operational shift has meant a shift in business objective: not only to increase sales but to increase online sales. By understanding and making proper use of the existing tools at hand such as Google Ads, many businesses no matter their size or trade can effectively engage with their customers, on an ongoing basis, wherever their customers are most of the time.

Google advertising has been at the forefront of a change in focus within marketing. In particular, using Google Ads has become quite a common and effective marketing strategy among businesses looking to secure their first online customers, as well as maintaining that relationship with them long after the initial interaction and purchase.

Why not Google it …  “ad results 2021”

There are many reasons why digital marketing tools are worth the investment. Not only in the monetary sense but also in the investment of time and patience to see how the business is performing in terms of online sales and growing its customer base.

Some of the strong benefits of Google advertising include:

  • Precise targeting: Businesses are able to ensure their advertisement is only displayed to potential customers based on their geographical location, age, and specific keywords.
  • Performance tracking: Google Ads allows businesses to track performance of their advertisements, which means they can track the number of users that view and click the advert. Even better is that it is possible to track the number of users that take the desired action after they have your website or other online platform handles.
  • Engaging campaign content: Campaign advertisements that the business creates through digital marketing are more engaging and better tailored for the target audience, as opposed to the generic advertisements.
  • Wider reach: Whereas before, businesses had a limited number of people to access, with digital marketing tools, they can connect with a larger and global audience that they can convert into customers.

Consumers have options … and they know it!

Due to many people still working from home, there is a limited amount of “traditional” social contact and social media is a platform that can be used effectively to ensure that a business reaches its target audience at the right time, through the correct channel and with the product or service that is needed.

For example, the use of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay has increased and the ease in navigating Instagram Shop, makes online shopping easier via social media. The manner in which brands are making strategic use of influencers is yielding impressive results in how customers are not only engaging with content but moving swiftly along to check out.

Proof of life is in the growth of platforms as consumers have sought out new surfing options, and online retailers such as Amazon have benefited immensely from the migration from in-store purchases to online purchases. The company saw a massive increase in online sales during lockdown with customers preferring the convenience, safety and large product selection available through online shopping.

A local bandwidth case in point is seen in Takealot three-wheelers that have shown non-stop wheels of commerce turning – as the e-retailer has stopped many consumers from going through retail therapy withdrawal. What’s for certain is that now is the time to switch to e-commerce and that businesses are uniquely positioned to capitalise on the effective use of digital marketing, especially as people are increasingly looking to social media for human connection.

The business that gets that delicate balance of human connection and making online sales correct, will reap long-term rewards.

Are you a business owner still not sure how fully invested you need to be in online retail and e-commerce? Ask yourself if you still want to be in business at the end of 2021. Yes? Start now to successfully bring your business into the Age of Socially Distanced Trade.

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