Earn your invitation to engage on social media

Are you over the onslaught of social media and in the bunker of digital burnout? You’re not alone.

Social media fatigue is real for those thumbing it ad nauseam. For digital agency insomniacs (like us), whether geeks who work in a specialised online marketing company or geeks just the same from a full service advertising agency, the fight against the fatigue of the over-exposed social networker is a fact of life.

Make content work harder 

Brands need magnetic content. This is content that draws people in with the potential to be shared in their social circles. There are no greater ambassadors than those who have shared in an experience and taken it in socially. The influence of a real human has a greater impact on behaviour than that of a brand pushing to make a sale.

Remember relevance and rewards

Relevance makes content magnetic. People share content that they find valuable, essentially sharing this value with their social circles. Another good way to keep people engaged on social platforms is to ensure that the brand celebrates and endorses their commitment to the brand. A mere mention online can do this and relevance, combined with recognition, reaps rewards.

You’re in my personal space

Social media is deeply personal. It pushes into personal space in the purest form and because of this there is no place for brands to gatecrash social worlds. A brand needs to be invited in and it is magnetic content that earns a brand or product the invitation to engage.

It’s simply a matter of having good old fashioned manners, isn’t it?