It’s full steam ahead for the new MAPS survey, which replaces AMPS, the All Media and Product Survey.
MAPS, which is not an acronym, was chosen as the new survey’s name to signal a freshness in approach. It will share similarities with AMPS, but also has some important differences.

The AMPS sample was created entirely using a fieldworker team that conducted face-to-face interviews. In a diverse country like South Africa, a face-to-face methodology is probably still going to be appropriate for a while. You must engage with people on a face-to-face basis in areas where people have no access to communication technology.

Besides using mixed methods MAPS will also delve deeper into consumer activities, attitudes, and lifestyles in relation to the products and brands they consume and interact with. This will provide new information and a deeper understanding of how consumers relate to, and engage with brands.

For marketers and the media and marketing research agency alike, MAPS will probe deeper with more pertinent behaviour questions aimed at illuminating product consumption insights.

The MAPS survey will consist of a minimum of 25 000 face-to-face interviews annually, comprising at least two national waves each of approximately 12 500 interviews. The survey includes a leave behind self-completion questionnaire to provide a “diary” of brand and media usage across a seven day period. The results will be reported twice yearly in the form of a single source database, rolling over 12 months to provide larger samples for niche products, categories and media.

What we can look forward to with the new MAPS survey:

  • A single integrated view of the total South African marketplace.
  • LSM’s that have been reviewed, refreshed, tested, and updated or changed as appropriate (ideally consolidating with SEM’s).
  • A modular approach, allowing for integration into bespoke industry research to boost subscriber’s smaller samples.
  • Mixed models and methodology.
  • A focus on a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour regarding products and brands, as well as a benchmark study for the verification of media surveys.
  • A unique (and SA first) 7-day “Day in the Life” Consumer Diary to give additional insights into brand related consumer behaviour, and brand and media interaction.

AMPS was conducted using double screen computer assisted interview (DS-CAPI) methodology for the face-to-face part of the interview. The brand questionnaire was in a black & white printed form left with the respondent for a week to complete. MAPS will however be evolving into the digital world with the streamlining and integration of new technologies. Field interviewers will be armed with a tablet for the interview and a paper diary leave-behind. Using a tablet allows for geocoding and opens up exciting possibilities for geo-profiling and geo-targeted advertising.

During the first wave, MAPS will be piloting an innovative mobile application for brand assessment. Significantly the app will allow for full colour brand logos and pack shots rather than the black and white images used in AMPS. This will provide a higher accuracy of recognition and recall while permitting a greater number of brands to be tested.

In short MAPS is an evolution of the AMPS survey, with exciting new information possibilities as well as new technological improvements.

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