7 Plus Points of Getting a Conference Planner on Board

At Ebony+Ivory we have a fair number of national roadshows, internalisations and large-scale launches under our belt. We enjoy seeing activations and events start out as a seed of a concept and flair to life in becoming an experience to remember. Based on our experience on this marketing beat, here are seven ways a conference planner can improve your next conference or congress event.

1 Helping to conceptualise the event

A conference planner will start by understanding your conference needs and then will help you put together a concept for the event. From the invitation to snack packs, to the AV videos and slides, you want your conference to have a professional feel with a common thread weaved throughout. You may need a complex theme to hold everything together or a simple thread that runs through every part of the conference.

2 Bringing you the right industry connections

A good event planner will know the right people in the industry. They can supply lists of vetted suppliers who you can rely on. If you need a good AV team to provide sound and lighting, they’ll know who consistently does a good job. If you need a good caterer, or excellent entertainment act, they’ll know who to call. The best conference planners will be able to recommend a range of caterers with different budget levels and offerings.

3 Negotiating on your behalf to get the best deals

A planner will know how to negotiate to get the most out of your event. They can ensure that your suppliers come in within budget and negotiate for added extras. For example, a conference planner may be able to negotiate with your venue to add in extra equipment, additional rooms or free accommodation.

4 Insuring a back-up plan

Your conference planner will be on site during your conference to make sure everything runs smoothly and most importantly, when things go wrong, they’ll be there to fix the problems quickly and seamlessly. A great planner has a back-up plan for every eventuality. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that the conference management team can solve any issues as they arise.

5 Sticking to a budget

If you’re planning a conference alone, it is very easy to lose track of how much you have spent and how much you have left to spend. You may also not have a got idea of how much things should cost. A conference planner professional will be able to tell you whether your budget is realistic and will help you stretch your money to get the most out of it.

6 Achieving your goals and objectives

A conference or congress normally has a specific objective. A corporate conference management team can ensure your event is on brand and that the right messages are reaching your audience. They can also assist with messaging across your social media channels to optimise your impact at the event.

7 Taking the stress off your back.

Last and certainly not least, a conference planner should take all of the ball-juggling stress off your hands, leaving you free to manage the big picture.

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