Social Media

Build an active social media community of meaning.

Our social media management includes setting up your channels, consistent content plans per channel, engaging and interacting with audiences and managing your reputation on these platforms.

We use a powerful unified platform to manage social media accounts. This enables high levels of team efficiency as we deliver community and content management smoothly to you. We track performance across channels with cross-network analytics and build customisable reports that showcase your best KPIs.

Social Media Management

Use customer insight to manage your social media presence, build brand credit and find new customers.

There is a relevant social media platform for every brand. While each has different rules of engagement, what these channels have in common is they enable you to listen closely to your community and then, to respond quickly.

Setting listening protocol is critical in our process.

Our specialist social media manager capacity helps marketing and communication managers put social media policy in place and keep pace with it. Our crisis communication management approach uses social media listening tools to stay on top of what people are saying across critical platforms.

Publish across Channels
Create and publish posts across platforms, saving time and reducing costs.

One-on-one customer care
Automatically see all social media messages, comments and mentions across all channels.  See overall numbers, networks, key demographics and top trending topics.

Access to over 100 metrics
Allows us to make informed decisions about how best to optimise campaigns.

Trend Monitoring
Allow informed decisions and marketing strategy. Monitor brand sentiment and avoid crises by monitoring how your brand is being spoken about.

Multiple Networks
Advanced metrics for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Over 100 channel metrics for Instagram and Facebook.

Know who you’re talking to
Access to profile cards allow people engaging with your brand to get one-on-one attention when engaging with your platform.

Community Management

From a Facebook page to a LinkedIn profile and a Twitter feed, social media management can help you stay connected with customers. When you turn social on in your marketing, you switch on a powerful dimension that helps you build brand loyalty.

Create your community with the help of our writers, designers and social media specialists.


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