(2013 – 2020)

Ebony+Ivory has been the lead agency for Menswear retailer John Craig in a partnership that has endured for a decade. The following provides an indication of the scope of work delivered and some of the dynamics around how we structure the account for high efficiencies in creative and media delivery.


Effecting consumer brand transformation

We are proud to have been a partner on the John Craig journey that saw a turnaround from negative sales to consistent sales growth. Our work has included a John Craig rebrand including a focus on adjustment of target markets and messaging adaptation to geo-location contexts. Staff internalisation featured strongly in the rebrand.


Geared for efficiencies

John Craig illustrates the efficiencies of our short lines of communication, daily briefings, quality control systems and workflow management. We produce concepts, design, printing, and manage shipping plus social/digital outputs for this brand that has 125 stores in South Africa and Namibia.


Fashioning a private label

The Private Label brand championed by John Craig known as Muratti forms part of our scope of work. This portfolio extends from strategy to design and brand management which has unlocked significant business value for the retailer.

Retail Marketing A-Z

Delivery on this account covers above the line (ATL) creative from seasonal fashion shoots to ongoing promotional in-store campaign rollout and window campaign dressing. Ebony+Ivory delivery extends from portfolios such as point of sales to marketing collateral to digital and social creative.

Communication volume efficiencies

Our team is structured for maximum efficiencies and is geared to deliver exceptional quality in design and production with a print/production specialist being dedicated to the account. On average, every month saw account activity of over 200 briefs including customer statements and emailers, in-store POS, newsletters, social media and digital paid media elements, website banners and Sneak Peek communication.