Why Do I Need Copywriting Services?

Fresh, new content is a prerequisite for companies these days to rank anywhere in the Google-sphere. To be ranked, Google and your customers for that matter, want to see content from you that is intriguing, engaging, interesting and can enhance lives and minds somehow.
Having well written copy about your company and your products , as well as easy to read interest pieces or blogs on your website, can mean the difference between meaningful traffic and leads – which actually result in sales – and people who are just browsing. Employing the services of a copywriting professional can help you create that kind of content and much more.

Why do I need professional copywriting services?

Many people argue that they can write, so why employ someone to offer copywriting services for them? A good question indeed, but here are five reasons why:

Copywriters can do it better and faster

Copywriters are trained to write well, in a short period of time. They take a brief and immediately conceptualise and condense it into the most user-friendly form to make it readable and interesting. One copywriter wrote, “I always approach a topic from a place of knowing absolutely nothing about that topic. I then find out about it in detail and write about it in the simplest form possible so that anyone can understand it and be intrigued by it.” Copywriting is a learnt skill, it’s not just something anyone can do.

It’s what they do: leave it to them

Copywriters, for the most part, have studied the nuances of language and sentence construction. They know how to write for a living. Entrust your copywriting needs to them, like you would to any other professional, so that you can focus on doing your job: what you do best. They are trained to capture the essence of an issue and write persuasive content. Trust them to offer writing services that your company needs and that can give you real return on investment.

They know the difference between “your” and “ you’re” business

A good copywriter understands grammar and the do’s and don’ts of copywriting. They understand sentence construction and concepts like prepositions and adjectives too. They can tell a good sentence from a bad one in under a second and can make a product or service sound out of this world.

Concepts like SEO and Keywords mean something to them

If you’re not an SEO specialist, it’s okay to admit that you don’t know what SEO means. A person who offers professional content writing services, like a copywriter, understands the importance of SEO and how it assists companies to rank well and, most importantly, above their competitors. They also understand how to work SEO principles such as primary and secondary keywords into content without making it sound like a robot wrote it.

You work with your product every day: they don’t

Perspective allows the copywriter to see your services and products with a fresh pair of eyes. This allows them to inject flair and new thinking into making the content sound bright and interesting, unlike someone who works with the subject matter all day. Employees are often so specialised in what they do, and are, of course, too close to the products that they often write too technically which can result in the reader losing understanding and interest before the second paragraph.

Where to find copywriting services?
If you need help with your copywriting needs, contact Ebony+Ivory on 011 327 6871 or email Paul@ebonyivory.co.za

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