Unesco Talks About Sex

E+I received a creative brief of honour from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The task was to produce a media feature which premiered at the November 2017 UNESCO Conference in Paris.

The honour lay in being part of an initiative that gave youth the platform to talk about the sexual pressures they face, and the perceptions and consequences that unravel as a result of related decisions.

As each voice was raised, so too were key issues for youth, who articulated their need to be taken seriously in addressing sexual wellness through education and support.

These frank perspectives were added to the agenda for a future for humanity.

Voices were amplified

“You wanted to get raped,” shared one young woman as she talked about regular rebuttals.

“It’s actually your body. So it’s your problem,” recounts a strong voice who added that when when a young person asks a question, they are actually taking a leap of faith.

Another said, “We’re tired of seeing girls forced to marry because they fell pregnant.”

“We may be young but it doesn’t make us stupid or irrelevant,” added yet another.

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“How can we make better choices if you won’t give us the tools to make them? … If you just give us the chance. If you just give us the voice,” asked more young people.

“We’re more than just statistics … and we want to be a generation that makes a difference!”

As a specialist United Nations Agency dealing with Education, UNESCO is a catalyst for change for good as it advocates investment in youth education and development.

Going beyond just investing money and hoping for a solution, UNESCO is about active involvement and investing in pivotal sectors of society.

Delivering with ease

E+I worked with film specialists and long-term agency partner of Rooftop Productions to deliver the short feature. The collaboration once again lived up the goal to tell stories that matter.

Fast forward a few weeks from budget sign off and all work, from storyboarding to casting, filming and post-production, was completed.

Everyone in the team learnt something important, first hand.

The youth is our most valuable vehicle for a future. With age appropriate Comprehensive Sexuality Education and youth friendly Sexual Reproductive Health Care Services identified as crucial fields at the UNESCO Conference, it is wise for nations to i­­­nvest in them.

That’s a wrap

E+I thanks UNESCO for the opportunity to work on the creative and media project.

It gave us the chance to apply our passion to create and by doing this, to be part of advocating for the issues and challenges facing youth, worldwide. While this was a wrap for this piece of communication, it was an important strategy to start conversations about sexuality education and health services.

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