Making a difference, differently!

Hidden in a suburb on the east of Johannesburg is a gem of a home called Lambano; a sanctuary really, as 28 orphaned or abandoned children are given a permanent home here and countless others cared for at its medical step-down facility/hospice exclusively for children.
“The children have been with Lambano almost from birth and are now entering their teenage years. They are housed in four homes with 6 – 8 children in each and are cared for by a loving housemother,” explained Lyn Croote, a co-founder and still the managing director of Lambano.

The other element to Lambano is their hospice, a medical step down facility that was established due to the lack of facilities adequate to look after children who have life limiting or life-threatening illnesses. This is the only paediatric medical facility of its kind in Gauteng, South Africa.

At Ebony+Ivory we wanted to add our support to the staff, just as pragmatically as they do in looking after the priceless souls in their care. We have made a start by applying our creative talent to refresh their corporate identity, which has been translated into some Lambano collateral.

But in a digital world we wanted to craft a piece that can be used again and again, in different ways, to share the organisation’s amazing work and at the same time call for partners to keep the sanctuary going. Tenth Street Media joined our campaign and produced a beautiful Lambano Sanctuary corporate video that tells the hope-driven story.

Lambano has supported life where little hope is given for living.

What’s next is for our team of commited designers, photographers, producers, directors and writers on the brand to keep up our support! To roll out a marketing plan for the sanctuary including a new website that is on its way.

We also aim to help Lyn and her team establish a social media strategy that will get them the traction they need to reach more eyes and hearts to continue their work. That’s the big point really; in the world of Lambano Sanctuary, their work is never done. There is always a child in need of critical care or a permanent home, which is the biggest reason for us to make marketing work for them!

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