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We are a fully integrated creative and advertising agency. Since we opened our doors nearly five decades ago in Johannesburg, there’s been a plus in it for our clients. From added value in media buying to TV advertising, creative brand experiences and digital media marketing, we deliver business growth with a silver service approach.

 Advertising & Creative Agency


Fast tracking new talent, faster

It’s a creativity revolution.

The E+I Empowerment Trust is the engine behind a South African communication agency hub with a difference.

Instead of tackling transformation through the traditional scorecard alone, it pilots a hybrid empowerment model that provides business-critical support to previously disadvantaged independents in our industry. It’s our way of giving new creative businesses the advantage to grow faster – and it has the power to open up more depth and breadth in the brand communication skills base.

Our vision is to facilitate development of talented freelancers and micro enterprises who intimately understand, speak and translate the diversity and dynamics of South Africans and life in our country.

The campus provides administrative resources and mentorship to these designers, copywriters/content developers, production managers, public relations professionals, digital/social media specialists, media strategists/planners and audio-visual/filmmaking communities. It includes support for account management professionals.

Our E+I Empowerment Trust gives these creative, marketing and media business owners a safe, resourced space from which to seed new creative business growth.

Interested in being a part of the new hub?
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 Advertising & Creative Agency

When It Comes to Ad Agencies, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Conventional wisdom dictates that the larger an advertising agency is, the more it can do for its clientele. However, as we have all seen time and time again, quantity rarely translates to quality. When you have a team of creative and experienced individuals focused on your account, you can be certain your satisfaction is the primary goal. Ebony+Ivory is a boutique, full service advertising agency that is dedicated to meeting the unique digital media marketing needs of our clients. Our team works closely together in a creative environment that fosters meaningful connection and inspires collaboration. We have created a breeding ground for creativity that will benefit your advertising campaign in ways that will exceed your expectations.

Agility is More than Just a Buzzword in our Online Marketing Company

We are committed to continual improvement, and our small size allows us to be flexible. In an industry that’s always evolving, we are able to respond quickly to change in the market place and meet your specific needs as an innovative TV advertiser.

Small in Size, Big Return on Investment

Since 1969 Ebony+Ivory Advertising Agency has provided our clients in Johannesburg with a one stop integrated approach that will help you strengthen your brand, increase consumer awareness, drive sales, and more. We are personally invested in your success and we will work collaboratively with your team to save you both time and money.

Interested in learning more? Call us at +27 11 327 6871 to learn how we can take your advertising campaign to the next level.


Some of the brands we’ve worked on.

 Advertising & Creative Agency